A Hooray To Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane

I recently finished the last book of the mortal instruments  series. Though I didn’t really like the ending, having started reading these books at age twelve and now,  three yers later, finishing City of Heavenly FireI gotta talk about something.

As you, dear reader, may know, I am Pansexual. Which means that a persons gender, or not-gender or wibbley-wobbly-gendery-wendery-stuff , really doesn’t matter to me. I can be atrracted to everyone. It’s kinda like bisexuality. However, this makes man LGBTQ+ (Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Questioning or else) Teen and for us LGBT teens there is something really important. Accurate and positive media representation. Simply for the fact that those of us who are questioning their sexuality or gender have something to look at and that those of us who identify as Queer  feel taken supported and seriously.

This is the point where Alec Lightwood steps in. Alec is a shadowhunter (hunts demons and stuff), he is cool,  handsome (black hair blue eyes *_* ), a great friend and brother, has some serious skills with bow and arrow and is gay. He is a gay character in a non-LGBT Teen book and that is awsome.

The first thing is that he is nowhere near being a cliche gay. His super straight™ best friend ­Jace probably cares more about his looks than Alec does. Alec isn’t someones Gay Best Friend . He probably reaaally doesn’t care about fashion (he leaves that to his sister). Alec falls into no cliche and yet nobody questions him being gay. His friends and sister really couldn’t care less. The only thing in his behaviour (besides his boyfriend which we’ll talk about later and his issues with coming out) that says “Look here you reader this character is GAY” are his hilarious remarks on all the hetero couples around him such as “Straights, can`t control themselves”.

The second thing is his actual relationship with his boyfriend Magnus. While Alec falls into no cliche, Magnus does. He likes glitter, nailpolish and partys and is as fabulously gay as one can be. Except he isn’t gay but just really doesn’t care about genders and stereotypes  (Alexander, I’ve been alive for hundreds of years. I’ve been with men, been with women—with faeries and warlocks and vampires, and even a djinn or two.”). I personally believe that Alec and Magnus´ relationship is the cutest and most interesting in a series full of interesting relationships. It brings light to the really dark and tearfull finale of the last book. While crazy shit was going down, I was just sitting there like “But look at how in LOVE they are.” Which brings me to my last point.

They love each other. Chapters from their point of view are always full of thoughts about the other. And when Alec thinks about his relationship with Magnus he doesn’t think about how gay they are but about the real issue. Magnus is immortal, Alec isn’t. It’s just a great lovestory of a mortal and an immortal who happen to be gay at the same time and not a gay love story of a demon-hunter and a warlock.

So what I was trying to say with all this is that Alec and Magnus show Teens, LGBT or not, that you can’t stereotype because even super cool hot demon hunters are gay and that a gay (or lesbian or any queer) relationship isn’t about how queer this relationship is, but about loving each other.

And killing demons together (I’m looking at you there Dean and Cas)

See you then


PS: Literally the moment I typed that thing about Dean and Cas “Heat of the Moment” started playing. Coincidence ? Probably.

PPS: While doing the links on this I found out that after City Of Heavenly Fire, Alec and Magnus got engaged and adopted two kids. That just made my day.

PPPS:  “I don’t want to live forever. We might not have that much time. I’ll get old and I’ll die. But I promise I won’t leave you until then. It’s the only promise I can make.

–Alec to Magnus, City of Heavenly Fire

PPPPS: Word Press just congratulated me on three years of this blog, what the hell.

PPPPPS:  Another great book on how gay relationships are about love and not kinks or sin is Annie on my mind  by Nancy Gardener. 10/10 recomended.







One thought on “A Hooray To Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane

  1. Reblogged this on schreckenbergschreibt and commented:
    “So what I was trying to say with all this is that (…) a gay (or lesbian or any queer) relationship isn`t about how queer this relationship is, but about loving each other.”

    Words of wisdom – by a very bright teenager. 🙂

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